About the Holding

Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is one of the leading and most important food enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a recognized leader of the republic among manufacturers of fat-and-oil products that meet the highest international standards, with a production volume of more than 140 000 tons per year.


The Holding consists of two largest food enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty and Eurasian Foods JSC, Karaganda.

History / Production / About the factory
Eurasian Foods JSC,
History / Production / About the factory

Eurasian Foods Corporation owns the most popular and recognized brands in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In general, Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding presents a range of more than 200 kinds of products: margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and condiments, vegetable oil, natural butter and spreads, as well as a line of specialized margarines and fats for industrial processing.



The main principles of Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding are constant improvement of the products quality focused on consumers’ preferences and ensuring the safety of production. For this purpose the Company has developed a policy of integrated management system that is certified for compliance with the following requirements:


  •  Quality Management System - ST RK ISO 9001:2016; ISO 9001-2016
  •  Food Safety Management System - ST RK ISO 22000:2019;
  •  Environmental Management System - ST RK ISO 14001:2016;
  •  Occupational Health and Safety Management System - ST RK ISO 45001:2019;
  •  Product safety management systems - FSSC 22000. 


All products are certified:


  • by the International Academy of Ecology for compliance with ECO standards;
  • in accordance with «Halal» standards.


The enterprise provides permanent quality control at all stages of production: from acceptance of raw materials to final products. Therefor, the certified physical, chemical and microbiological laboratories equipped by the most up-to-date equipment have been established and operated successfully. 


There are innovative laboratories at the factories of the Holding equipped with mini-production units, where the team of technologists is constantly working to create new products and improve existing formulations in strict compliance with environmental requirements.



Since 2001 all departments of the Holding are constantly audited by KPMG and Deloitte with the assistance of an independent appraisal company American Appraisal in order to confirm the compliance of financial statement with international standards.


For a qualitative business processes and cost optimization, a project on adoption of corporate management information system SAP ERP was started in 2012 being developed with regard for fat-and-oil industry specifics as well as automating and optimization the processes of accounting, tax, management systems and logistics.


Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding provides jobs for about 2600 people. The Company pays special attention to staff training. In order to improve the skills of staff and in accordance with the specifics of work regular trainings and seminars are conducted both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The staff of the Company is certified annually. Exchange of experience with experts of leading European manufacturers allows the Company to be on par with the world leaders in the sphere of fat-and-oil industry.


Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is a socially oriented enterprise. Over the years the Company has provided assistance to children with disabilities, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, hospitals, orphanages, etc.