About the Holding

Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is one of the leading and most important food enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a recognized leader of the republic among manufacturers of fat-and-oil products that meet the highest international standards, with a production volume of more than 140 000 tons per year.


The Holding consists of two largest food enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty and Eurasian Foods JSC, Karaganda.

Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty
History / Production / About the factory
Eurasian Foods JSC,
History / Production / About the factory

Production capacities of Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC are more than 90 thousand tons of products per year including the sauces group of more than 65 thousand tons.


The company has implemented several production stages made by complex and high-tech modern equipment providing high quality and stability of the prepared basic raw material - oil.


The factory has the following manufacturing processes:

- packaging of vegetable oil;

- production and packaging of mayonnaise;

- production and packaging of ketchup;

- production and packaging of mustard, sauces and condiments.



The up-to-date equipment from leading European manufacturers was set in the department of oil bottling, production of sauces and condiments:


- oil bottling line (Austria) - for vegetable oil packing;


- units for production of mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces (Switzerland). For the first time a production of sauces with whole pieces of vegetables and spices was mastered within the territory of Central Asian countries;


- machines for packaging of mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces (Spain, Germany) in plastic bags such as sachet or doypack, buckets of different capacities. Some packaging lines are unique in Central Asia, and the products have advanced, clean and safe packs;


- In April of 2015 one of the first in the CIS innovative lines for mayonnaise and ketchup bottling to PET bottles from one of the leading companies in this field in the world (France) was put into operation with a capacity of more than 70 tons per day. This package provides absolute microbiological purity and a long shelf life without the use of preservatives.


At the moment, all the stages of production processes are automated maximally allowing stable manufacturing of the highest quality products and excluding faults in the production process.


In order to provide continuous monitoring of the products quality and safety at all stages of production an own certified physical and chemical laboratory equipped with advanced equipment is created and successfully operates.


In order to maintain the production at high sanitation level the Company carries out microbiological control, which provides an appropriate bacteriological purity of the products from the acceptance of raw materials to final products.