About the Holding

Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is one of the leading and most important food enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a recognized leader of the republic among manufacturers of fat-and-oil products that meet the highest international standards, with a production volume of more than 140 000 tons per year.


The Holding consists of two largest food enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty and Eurasian Foods JSC, Karaganda.

Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty
History / Production / About the factory
Eurasian Foods JSC,
History / Production / About the factory

Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, a former Almaty Margarine Plant, was put into operation on June 11, 1962 with a potential capacity of 6.3 thousand tons of margarine a year. In a short time the factory has become one of the key participants of food industry, supplying various types of margarine products not only to Soviet Kazakhstan, but also Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and its dining mayonnaise Provansal was awarded as the best sample of consumer goods in the Kazakh SSR in 1965.



Since 1997 to the present day full technical re-equipment of the enterprise is being made. The process of upgrade and commissioning of the main and auxiliary production buildings, facilities and equipment does not stop.


Over the last decade 100 percent replacement of fixed assets was made at the factory. A decision to change the company's development strategy towards narrow specialization - production of bottled oil and sauces - was made and implemented. The range of products was tenfold extended. The production is based on the best advanced technologies in the field of manufacturing and packaging of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and condiments. The most advanced and exclusive in the CIS types of packaging for these products were introduced. Thus, the production capacity of sauces was 20 times increased.


Innovative development, desire to improve the quality of products and introduction of new product types became a base for successful development of the Company.