About the Holding

Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is one of the leading and most important food enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a recognized leader of the republic among manufacturers of fat-and-oil products that meet the highest international standards, with a production volume of more than 140 000 tons per year.


The Holding consists of two largest food enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty and Eurasian Foods JSC, Karaganda.

Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, Almaty
History / Production / About the factory
Eurasian Foods JSC,
History / Production / About the factory

Production of Eurasian Foods JSC is equipped with the most advanced equipment from the world leaders in the technology and engineering fields. 

The capacities of Eurasian Foods JSC ensure the production of more than 110 thousand tons of products per year.


The company has implemented several production stages realized by the complex and high-tech up-to-date equipment taking into account the specificities and diversity of fat-and-oil raw materials. As a result, it provides high quality and stability of vegetable fat with specific characteristics.


The plant has the following manufacturing processes: 

- production and packaging of margarine, fats;

- production and packaging of spreads;

- processing and packaging of butter.


Control of the physicochemical and microbiological parameters of accepted raw materials and final product is carried out by own certified testing laboratory equipped with advanced equipment including gas chromatograph, nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier near infrared spectrometer and texture analyzer.