A new worthy addition to the range of the Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding products: natural cheeses of «Imperia Syra» (Empire of Cheese) brand

The Company is happy to present a new own brand of natural cheeses which combines the global traditions of cheese-making and modern technologies. This tandem has resulted in the producing the delicious cheeses that will adorn any culinary masterpieces.


The «Imperia Syra» brand line includes 5 of the most popular types of semi-hard cheeses: Smetankovy (Sour Cream) cheese, Slivochny (Creamy) cheese, Gollandsky (Dutch) cheese, Rossiysky (Russian) cheese and Cheese with baked milk flavor. These cheeses are versatile in their use and perfect for preparing various sandwiches and salads, as well as for hot dishes.


The production lines are furnished with the most advanced equipment and are fully automated. «Imperia Syra» cheeses are produced from the organic farm milk only. Choosing the products of this brand, you can be sure of their highest quality.

«Imperia Syra» is a pleasure in every bite!

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