The first mayonnaise in Kazakhstan containing mare's milk

Mayonnaises of “3 Zhelaniya” trademark always compare favorably with competitors by content of natural milk. And now the line of products has become even more unique: “Merekelik Provansal” has become the first Kazakhstani mayonnaise, in the production of which the mare’s milk is used. With a delicate taste and soft texture, it is ideal for filling salads of fresh and boiled vegetables, and also as a seasoning for first and second courses.


The addition of mare’s milk increased the nutritional value of the mayonnaise. It contains about 40 biological components necessary for the human body: amino acids, minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, iodine) and vitamins (А, С, В1, B2, В6, В12, Е, Н, РР, beta carotene, folic acid).


Merekelik Provansal mayonnaise is an excellent taste and 100% natural ingredients: mare’s milk, egg yolk and sunflower oil. Perfect combination!

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