Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding has rendered assistance to Arys residents

The incident in the town of Arys in Turkestan region is the largest in its scale in the modern history of Kazakhstan. Due to the explosion and resulting fire within the territory of military base occurred on June 24, 2019, thousands of residential buildings were damaged (90% of all buildings), and 40,000 residents were evacuated.

In an emergency, it is important to provide the population with food as soon as possible. The food products produced by the holding are vital – and they were promptly delivered to the residents of Arys as humanitarian aid. Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding immediately responded to the disaster and provided support to the victims.

Currently, the damage is being actively repaired in the town; people are going back to their normal life. This has been made thanks to the support provided to Arys by Kazakhstan business companies and domestic producers.

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