Redesign of Packaging

The market for ketchups, mayonnaises and sauces distinguished by conservatism. The change of packaging is not frequent and is due solely to objective reasons. In 2018, it became obvious that for the products produced under the brand "3 wishes", there was a need for renewal. In order design of the packaging fits to the current moment, a complex work was carried out for its restyling.

The concept is based on natural purity and lightness. The dominant color - white - allows  to show the ingredients in the most favorable and appetizing side, herewith we do not changed recognizable color code of our products, green in mayonnaise and red in ketchups.

For the buyer it is not important to maintain the usual design, but the conviction that the quality of the product has not changed. During the change of packaging, we left all recipes, modernizing only the appearance of packs.

The chosen direction meets the following objectives:
- communicates high quality оf product;
- emphasizes the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients;
- differs modernity and actuality of the general style;
- maintains continuity and recognition.


Redesign of Packaging


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