Letter from winner of promotional action 'Hit the jackpot!'

Hello! I want to appreciate and thank Eurasian Foods Corporation for such award as a tourist trip to Turkey!


I have a lot of experiences in my rest at the seaside, and all the experiences are ecstatic! My preparations for trip, and preparation of necessary documents were amazingly easy and quick.


Green Max Hotel welcomed us heartily. All hotel personnel was gracious about children, and magic words 'for baby' resulted in playpen and hot water for baby's food given immediately! Although, the food is a special issue, and there were very diverse foods for any taste, and the foods could be found at any time of day and night. There were lots of various eats and drinks!!!


We liked animators due to their activities and various entertainment events. We would like to specially thank our guide Vusal. He is a very nice young man, who arranged a trip for us to Myra and Nicolas of Myra Church. We thank Eurasian Foods Corporation very much for the promo!


Best regards,

Konstantin Ryazanov

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