Coming this autumn!

3 Zhelaniya TM continue to satisfy the Kazakhstani with a great surprise! This autumn the Company will increase the product range of sauces by three new products: Caesar and Tartar sauces, Karri ketchup having the rich, brighter and unique flavor.

Caesar Sauce is made by traditional recipe using vegetable oil and egg-yolk with addition of lemon juice, garlic, mustard and cheese.

Tartar Sauce is the classic sauce of French cuisine! The white sauce is made with addition of natural cucumber spears, dill and garlic.

Karri Ketchup is 100% natural product. The delicious mix of Carrie seasoning and juice of citrus made ketchup a unique with delicate and eastern taste – soft sweet with fruit slightly sour taste.

Yet more swell feed daily!


Coming this autumn!

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